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Cymbal SlipTop
Losing wingnuts, felts, and cymbal seats? Wasting precious setup and breakdown time?
Virtually all drummers have experienced a wingnut or topper coming off the top of a cymbal stand or drum rack cymbal boom arm, and disappearing into the black abyss of a dark stage.

Not only are wingnuts, quick-release toppers, felts, and cymbal seats also known to become lost during setup, breakdown, and transport, it's a downright catastrophe when it happens during a performance and a cymbal then goes flying across the stage or into the audience!

Our Cymbal SlipTop eliminates these problems, as well as makes short work of setting up and breaking down cymbals. While at first glance, the SlipTop may seem similar to the old Camber T-top, read on, and you'll see that the SlipTop is much more advanced than the Camber T-top, and addresses some of the Camber T-top's shortcomings.

With the SlipTop, you will never lose a wingnut, felt or cymbal seat ever again!
The Cymbal SlipTop fastens to the top tilter of your cymbal stand or drum rack boom arm in place of a traditional wingnut or topper. Your cymbal slips over the SlipTop and sits on the bottom felt, like normal. The SlipTop's unique shape prevents your cymbal from wobbling its way up the tilter and over the SlipTop, so you don't need a wingnut and top felt to secure your cymbal while playing. Your cymbal is free to move naturally, letting its true tone sing!

Not only is your cymbal secure on stage, the SlipTop's shape keeps the felt and cymbal seat in place when you remove your cymbal, so you will never lose another wingnut, topper, felt or cymbal seat ever again, not even during transport.

 Fiddling with wingnuts when mounting and unmounting cymbals is now a thing of the past
The Cymbal SlipTop is specifically designed to enable cymbals to be placed onto, and removed from, cymbal stands and boom arms with one hand in a fraction of the time it takes to do so with wingnuts or toppers.
Simply angle your cymbal approximately 45 degrees and slide the hole in the cymbal over one end of the top of the SlipTop.
As your cymbal passes over the top of the SlipTop your cymbal will slip into the neck below the top of the SlipTop, and once clear of the top your cymbal will automatically slip out of the neck and down onto the bottom felt.
Voila, you're ready to play!



When it's time to breakdown after your performance, do the reverse to simply slip your cymbal off the cymbal stand or boom arm.
 Additional benefits of the Cymbal SlipTop
Along with traditional rides and crashes, the SlipTop can be used with all sorts of cymbals, including China cymbals like the ones below that sport different kinds of bells.


Unlike the molded Camber T-top of days gone by, the SlipTop is made of solid stainless steel for strength and durability, and to resist corrosion for drummers who ply their craft in humid environments such as on cruise ships, booze cruises, and other seaside venues. The SlipTop is not dipped in chrome like the Camber T-top, so if you like you can engrave your SlipTop for a more personal touch without worrying about damaging a chrome finish or compromising its structural integrity.

 Installing the SlipTop is easy-peasy
To install the SlipTop, remove the wingnut or topper, and top felt, from your cymbal stand or boom arm tilter. Leaving the cymbal seat and bottom felt in place, simply screw the SlipTop onto the tilter until snug. The SlipTop fits any cymbal stand or boom arm with an 8mm tilter post including Gibraltar, DW, PDP, Tama, Ludwig, Yamaha, Mapex, Sonor and more. Below is a Pearl cymbal stand boom arm before and after the SlipTop is installed.


The SlipTop has built-in wrench "flats" so, if you like, you can tighten it onto the tilter using a standard 7/16" or 11mm open-end wrench for a more secure fit, eliminating the need for messy thread sealants and adhesives that inevitably become problematic later.


Cymbal stands are not all the same. Their tilter posts, sleeves and seats vary in type and length, and felts vary in thickness. For example, the Tama and Pearl cymbal stand boom arms below both have a portion at the top of their tilter posts that are unthreaded, and those unthreaded sections are of different lengths. The Camber T-top was simply not long enough to be able to be securely threaded onto posts with longer unthreaded sections because 3/4 turn is really enough to be secure. Not to worry with the SlipTop because the SlipTop was designed with differences like these in mind, and you will have no trouble fitting the SlipTop over these types of tilter posts, with plenty of threads to spare so the SlipTop will maintain a secure fit no matter what type of tilter posts your cymbal stands or boom arms were designed with.


That same Tama cymbal stand boom arm also has a very long tilter rod, a rather short cymbal sleeve/seat, and a thick bottom felt. If, after installing the SlipTop, bare thread remains exposed on the tilter rod, as is the case with this Tama tilter, you can shore up the exposed thread with a short piece of clear vinyl tubing, as shown below. Not only does 7/16" O.D. (Outer Diameter) x 5/16" I.D. (Inner Diameter) tubing fit perfectly in this application, it is inexpensive and widely available at big box and hardware stores. An added bonus is that the tubing is actually more durable than the cymbal sleeve, so you'll likely never need to replace the tubing.

 It's easy to see why the SlipTop is a must-have for all drummers
Since it's semi-permanently affixed to the tilter, the SlipTop won't fall off like wingnuts and toppers do. And, it's specifically shaped to prevent cymbal seats and properly-fitted felts from falling off during transport, as well, so everything is always ready to go at your next gig! As you can see, not only does the SlipTop save time and aggravation during setup, performance, breakdown and transport, you'll save money by no longer needing to replace lost wingnuts, quick-release toppers, felts and cymbal seats!

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